Envion Blog Post

In the last couple weeks, we have been contacted by a number of Envion AG shareholders with requests for additional information. As stated in our press release dated May 23, 2018, Blockchain Intelligence Group was contracted by Envion AG to conduct a forensic cryptocurrency investigation. This is the full extent of our relationship with Envion.

As this case appears to be in front of regulators and law enforcement, it is not our place to comment further.

We would like to offer insight into what BIG’s reporting comprises:

What we typically provide in our reports to clients:

  • Analysis of blockchain data
  • Analysis of smart contracts
  • Analysis of other data sources
  • Review of mathematical algorithm computations for accuracy
  • Description of the flow of funds across the blockchain

What we don’t provide in our reports to clients:

  • Speculation on how a hack or breach may have occurred
  • Speculation on how an ICO process was run
  • Speculation on who may or may not have done what
  • Determination of guilt
  • Accusations against individuals or groups

BIG provides reporting and mathematics that may or may not be used later on by law enforcement or other agencies in their investigations in tracking the flow of funds.

It is our sincere hope that Envion’s stakeholders obtain a swift and transparent outcome.

Kind Regards

Blockchain Intelligence Group