Countdown to VanFunding 2017

On November 28, the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada will be hosting VanFunding 2017 ‘Going Mainstream’ and Blockchain Hackathon. This conference will hear over fifty speakers, from innovators to entrepreneurs to thought leaders, who will share their experience and insights on blockchain and fintech funding. Topics will include blockchain ICOs, crowdfinance and alternative currencies.

As the conference will soon be upon us, Blockchain Intelligence Group would like to announce that it, too, will be playing an active role. Albert Szmigielski, Chief Blockchain Engineer, will be appearing as a panellist on an expert round table about the opportunities and challenges that the blockchain and financial technology spaces face in their effort to achieve mainstream adoption and global impact. Please click on the link below for details of the panel.

We look forward to this event where we will be sure to learn much about this very young and very raw technology.