Blockchain Intelligence Group – Closes $100,000 USD Investment Via Bitcoin

Leader in Blockchain Big Data and Analytics Now Accepts Bitcoin as a Medium of Investment | June 23, 2016 | News | VANCOUVER, BC – 23 June, 2016 – Blockchain Intelligence Group (“BIG”) today announces that the Company now allows potential investors the opportunity to buy shares in the current BIG private placement using Bitcoins, […]

Blockchain Intelligence Group Enters Into MOU with RootStock of RSK Labs

Blockchain Intelligence Group (“BIG”) today announces that it has entered into Non-Binding Memorandum of Understanding with RSK Labs with the intent to collaborate with RSK Labs. This memorandum of understanding allows BIG to begin adapting its block explorer, “blockbits” to work with the RSK Labs smart contract and micro payments network. RSK Labs also has […]

Corporate Name Change to Blockchain Intelligence Group

VANCOUVER, BC – 24th April, 2016 Blockchain Technology Group Inc has updated its name to Blockchain Intelligence Group to better reflect our products and market focus. All further communications and information will reflect this change. For further information please contact: Blockchain Intelligence Group Shone Anstey, President Tel: 1.844.282.2140 Blockchain Intelligence Group  

Blockchain Technology Group Inc. Unveils Proprietary Search and Data Analytics Platform

VANCOUVER, BC – 14 Oct, 2015 – Blockchain Technology Group Inc. (“BTGI”) today announces the private beta-launch of its proprietary Blockchain search technology software. With the explosive adoption of Blockchain technology globally, BTGI is developing a proprietary software platform that securely unlocks data records within Blockchain, to provide fast, robust, actionable “Big Data” analytics back […]