YouTube and Facebook Are Losing Creators to Blockchain-Powered Rivals

“If such services as DTube and Steemit are successful enough, their bigger problem may be YouTube’s or Facebook’s cash hoard.” -Lance Morginn Click here to read the full article.  

Bitcoin Trades Range-Bound

 “The number one concern is that countries around the world are still trying to figure out the best way to regulate these digital assets.” – Lance Morginn, CEO of Blockchain Intelligence Group   Click here to Read more.

Lance Morginn explains how the regulation is impacting the emerging cryptocurrency market

“Its up to regulators to protect citizens and make sure things like these don’t happen.” –  Lance Morginn Click here to Watch the full interview

Bringing Cryptocurrency Mainstream

“There are about a million machines at minimum providing cryptography at a value of at least $1.5 billion. We would assume that you could almost double or triple those numbers in the amount of equipment that is providing the security for this infrastructure. We’re providing the ability to look into this new secured transaction protocol […]

Bad news for bitcoin miners: It’s no longer profitable to create the cryptocurrency, by some estimates

“In some cases the miners may simply turn off the machines until the price comes back a bit,” by Shone Anstey, co-founder and president of Blockchain Intelligence Group   To read more click here

Go Public magazine Interview with Lance Morginn, BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc. (BIG)

“We are seeing real business demand across a number of sectors beyond law enforcement. We are engaged with financial institutions to help them meet their AML obligations, as well as ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges.”                                           […]

Tracking bitcoin criminals is tough, but not impossible

“Unlike traditional currency, where we can’t tell you where that money was before it was in your wallet unless we watched it happen, in the cryptocurrency space, the advantage to law enforcement and regulators is that transparency does exist,” -Lance Morginn, the CEO of Vancouver-based Blockchain Intelligence Group To read full article click here

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group mit innovativer Sicherheitstechnik für Bezahlungen

BIG ist mit seinen Produkten als einer der wenigen Blockchain Unternehmen mit fertigen Lösungen bereits im Markt präsent und kann Kunden bedienen bzw. Umsätze erzielen. Laut einer Umfrage, die vom Branchenverband Bitkom in Auftrag gegeben wurde, haben vier Prozent der Bundesbürger bereits den Bitcoin benutzt. Wirtschaft / Finanzen: BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group mit innovativer Sicherheitstechnik […]

Cryptocurrencies and The Dangers of the Dark Web

On a daily basis, an estimated 20 percent of overall bitcoin transfers — roughly $50 million to $60 million — are for illicit activity, -Lance Morginn, CEO of Blockchain Intelligence Group To read more about this article click here

ABC article was also picked up by ABC Wisconsin (UVPM: 284,700)

  “It certainly has taken off aggressively w the dramatic rise in price [of bitcoin],” Antsey said. “It’s also taken off aggressively with millennials, who are glued to their phones and have taken to crypto currencies very naturally. – Shone Anstey, the executive chairman of Blockchain Intelligence Group   For full article to click here.